Jul 13 2023

Plan your Cuneo summer with Kalatà and Landadè Trail

Plan your Cuneo summer: immerse yourself in the enchanted territory surrounding the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, until you reach the Piazza Mondovì district with its sensational Belvedere from which to admire the entire Alpine arc. Or travel along dirt roads, mule tracks and the sections of path through chestnut, beech and grassy slopes surrounding the charming Casotto Castle in Garessio.

Organizing a day in nature, on foot or by mtb, discovering the Monregalese is possible thanks to the Sentiero Landadè association, which since 2010 has been grouping together a set of itineraries that wind through the Monregalese countryside: it combines the ascent and visit to the Dome of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte with the trail Orange Petal of Mondovi, or choose the guided tour of Casotto Castle and walk the Yellow Petal Of Monasterolo and Viola.

At the Kalatà box office in Vicoforte at Charles Emmanuel I Square no. 35 (under the porches in front of the Sanctuary) you can sign up to support the Association, get a membership card, complimentary t-shirt and trail maps.

Officially established on May 24, 2010 by its nine founding members, Landandè Trail aims to tell the story of the beauty of our area by admiring it at its own walking pace

Want more information about planning your Cuneo summer with a guided tour of Kalatá and a Landandè Trail itinerary? Write a WhatsApp message to 0174/330976 or email info@sentierolandande.it.

For info on the experience of climbing and guided tour to the Vicoforte Sanctuary Dome and for the guided tour to Casotto Castle you can contact us at 0174/330976 (also WhatsApp) or email booking@kalata.it.


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