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With Revelia, you can discover extraordinary places and enjoy an organized sightseeing experience tailored to you and your friends. Visits are exclusive and aimed at small groups. Choose your preferred dates and times from those available, you can indicate up to 3 options. The first appointment that reaches the minimum number of participants will be confirmed! No amount will be charged to you at the time of booking. Payment will be made only if the visit is confirmed. Invite your friends, the minimum number of participants will be reached faster and the visit will be confirmed!


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The extra! offer from Kalatà


Walk to Casotto Castle and guided tour

Nature hike exploring the Casotto Valley forests with guide Roberto Pockaj and guided tour of the Castle.


Game tour of the Faraggiana Ferrandi Museum and ascent to the dome of San Gaudenzio

A pleasant day to spend with the family discovering two magical places in the city of Novara!


City discovery tour and ascent to the dome of San Gaudentius

Morning tour to explore the historic center of Novara and, in the afternoon, climb up and visit the San Gaudentius Dome.


Visit to the “La Mondina Estate – Good Rice” and ascent to the Dome of San Gaudentius

A day exploring the excellence of the area: from rice production to the ingenious work of Alessandro Antonelli.

The Abbonamento Musei Lombardia offer

Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan

Piero della Francesca

A visit to the exhibition is a journey into the mind and working habits of one of the greatest interpreters of the Italian Renaissance.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan

Piero and geometry

The tour will focus on the relationship between art and geometry in the 15th century.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan

Piero and science

Through the scientific analyses conducted on the paintings, interactive tours will be offered to tell the concept of “applied science.”

The Abbonamento Musei Piemonte offer


Protected: From the carriage to the automobile of the future

An interactive visit in which to observe, touch, and reason.

Palazzo Madama - Turin

Protected: The excavations of Palazzo Madama

Accompanied by trained archaeologists, visitors will explore the complex layering of the various levels of settlement that occurred from Roman times to the eighteenth century.


Protected: Open-air museum

Visit to the exhibition TORINO ANNI ’50s. THE GREAT SEASON OF INFORMAL + guided tour of the M.A.C.A.M. Outdoor Museum of Contemporary Art in Maglione


Protected: We, mountain painters

Visit to the exhibition “Gabriel Loppé artist, mountaineer and traveler” and painting workshop dedicated to families with children in the age group of 6 to 12 years old.

Palazzo Madama, Turin

Protected: Liberty. Turin Capital

The exhibition recounts with a hundred works the fundamental role of Turin in the emergence of Art Nouveau.


Protected: Martine Franck. Regarder les autres

The guided tour will allow visitors to delve into the world of photographer Martine Franck and learn about the main themes around which her work revolves.

Chiablese Halls, Turin

Protected: Guercino, the painter’s craft.

Focus of the tour will be the painter’s work seen in its most practical and organizational aspects: commissions, deadlines, and prices of works will be the protagonists of this in-depth thematic tour.

Chiablese Halls, Turin

Protected: Guercino, the painter’s craft.

A guided tour to immerse oneself in the seventeenth-century painter’s craft and discover all aspects of it. The tour will run through the different sections and will allow an initial approach to Guercino’s production and themes with highlights on the points of greatest interest.

Castle of Magliano Alfieri (CN)

Protected: Wine Experience at the Castle of Magliano Alfieri

A journey to discover the wine culture of Langhe and Roero with a final aperitif.