Oct 06 2022

Santa Maria delle Vigne: many special events in October to discover one of Genoa’s oldest churches

After the summer stop, the experience of climbing and visiting the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne in Genoa starts again in October with a special calendar of events.

A mix of history and taste in search of the truer side of Genoa’s eclectic historic center: this is the common thread linking the initiatives that will follow the 4:30 p.m. guided tour on Saturday, Oct. 1, 8, 22 and 29.

They are only fifteen seats available to enjoy the exclusive experience of visiting in conjunction with such important realities as Grillo Palace and the Antica Confetteria Romanengo, or by joining the extension of the guided tour of the historic center to hunt for ancient plaques and inscriptions, or to take advantage of the 2-for-1 promotion (it will be possible to buy two tickets for the price of one) scheduled for the last Saturday in October.

Rolli Days – the splendor of the Genoese palaces

Once again this year, the Basilica delle Vigne will be among the churches that can be visited during Rolli Days to be held on Friday, October 14, Saturday, 15 and Sunday , October 16 .

The event that every year celebrates the Palazzi dei Rolli, which have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2006, is an important occasion in which Kalatà-the cultural enterprise that has conceived and managed the tour route since 2020-always participates with great enthusiasm. Throughout the weekend visitors will be able to take part in the many scheduled events and embark on a splendid journey on the streets of Baroque.

Genoa, a thousand years in a thousand steps

The fascinating Basilica delle Vigne is a jewel hidden among the city’s caruggi and Palazzi and hides, behind its neoclassical marble facade, a history more than a thousand years long.

The visiting experience organized by Kalatà is a journey through time through which it is possible to grasp the clues that tell of the important past of one of the city’s oldest churches, walk through spaces that have never been open to the public, and rediscover the architectural styles that have characterized the building in different eras. From the medieval-style single-lancet windows still visible today, to the indelible signs of World War II bombing, to the virtuoso Baroque style that decorates its interior, all the way to – near the high dome – the spectacular Tamburini organ built in 1916.

To purchase a ticket , you need to log on to https://kalata.it/esperienza/basilica-di-santa-maria-delle-vigne-di-genova/, click on the “BUY GENOA NOW” button, choose the date of Saturday, October 1, 8, 22 or 29, and purchase the ticket for the chosen route.

To visit the Basilica during Rolli Days , it is necessary to book online by logging on to https://www.visitgenoa.it/rollidays-online/rolli-days/.

The calendar of appointments:

Visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne with an aperitif at Palazzo Grillo

Date: Saturday, October 1

Time: 4:30 pm

Cost: €20

Visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne with a guided tour of the historic center to hunt for ancient plaques and inscriptions

Date: Saturday, October 8

Time: 4:30 pm

Cost: € 13

Rolli Days – Visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne

Date: Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16

Hours Friday: 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday hours: 10 a.m. – 12 noon – 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Cost: € 2

Visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne with a small tasting at the Antica Confetteria Romanengo

Date: Saturday, October 22

Time: 4:30 pm

Cost: € 13

Visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne PROMO 2×1

Date: Oct. 29

Time: 4:30 pm

Cost: two tickets € 10 (instead of € 20)

It is always possible to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne with Kalatà on Saturdays and Sundays at 09:30 | 11:30 | 14:30 | 16:30. For information contact the call center at 0174/330976 or e-mail booking@kalata.it.

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