Sep 09 2019

Sanctuary of Vicoforte – Magnificat: SCHOOLS SPECIAL 2019/2020

Breathtaking overlooks up to 60 meters high
Differentiated routes accessible to even the youngest children
Helmet and harness to experience a real adventure
Guided tour included in the ticket


Step into the heart of the artwork with Magnificat: along a specially secured route, involving rooms that have never been open to the public, you can relive with your classes the vicissitudes of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, a masterpiece of Piedmontese Baroque, and its grandiose elliptical dome. An exciting visit, an unforgettable adventure, to learn step by step about the architectural, historical, artistic aspects and the sophisticated technologies that today allow the monitoring of this extraordinary monument of art and faith.

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Educational tours for younger children (+6 years old):

1. “Like little detectives”: all hunting for clues to reconstruct the history of this extraordinary monument step by step.
“Let’s Numbers the Sanctuary!” 2. “Let’s Numbers the Sanctuary!”: Magnificat raffle to discover through numbers hidden symbols and meanings.
3. “We discover all colors…”: now it’s your turn to color the Sanctuary!


When: by reservation
Where: Sanctuary of Vicoforte (CN)
Duration of the experience: 1h (short route), 2h (ascent to the dome), 2h (educational tours)
Cost: 5 euros (short route), 10 euros (ascent to the dome), 6 euros (educational visits)
Book your visit: | 331/8490075

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