Sep 19 2022

Educational outings: find out Kalata’s visit proposals

After a forced stop in 2020 and 2021, educational trips and outings are back in the spotlight of the school year that has just begun. The invitation is to rediscover the beauties of Italy with exceptional historical and artistic value and an indispensable part of our cultural heritage in order to create opportunities for active participation in cultural places and bring the younger generations closer to art.

Find out all the proposals dedicated to the school and organize an educational outing for the 2022-2023 school year.


Dome of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte (CN)

Ascent and visit to the world’s largest elliptical dome

Put on your helmet and harness, play with our activity book and experience an unforgettable adventure inside one of Piedmont’s Baroque masterpieces. Overlooking the splendid panorama between the Langhe and the Alpine arc, students and teachers will get an up-close look at the history, secrets and curiosities, architectural and pictorial techniques, and sophisticated modern technologies that make this monument of faith and art unique.



Dome of San Gaudenzio in Novara

An extraordinary experience in Antonelli’s brilliant work

Through walkways hitherto excluded from traditional sightseeing circuits, children will be able to reach 100 meters up to touch the sky. Built over the course of forty years, the dome represents the ultimate expression of Alessandro Antonelli’s genius and one of the most daring masonry buildings in the world. Indoor and outdoor overlooks will know how to give absolutely exclusive viewpoints.



Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne in Genoa

Discovering the origins of the Basilica and the history of Genoa

Young visitors will be able to step into the shoes of a restorer, climb onto construction scaffolding and hunt for hidden clues to rediscover the history of one of the city’s oldest medieval basilicas. Built shortly before the year 1000 in an area of countryside planted with vines, hence the origin of the name, today the Basilica is located in the historic center and encompasses the complex and rich artistic stratification of the city.



For information or to book the experience, you can contact the call center at 0174/330976 or email with the name of the institution and the teacher’s contact.

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