Feb 15 2023

Discovering the Baptistery of Padua Cathedral: four educational proposals for schools

A new visiting experience is added to the educational proposals for schools of all levels offered by Kalatá.

Starting in October 2022, throughout the current school year, it will be possible to visit the Baptistery of Padua Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum by choosing from four different itineraries designed with differentiated objectives and adapted to different educational levels:

  • I tell you about life in Padua Carrara;
  • Painted space: between vision and reality;
  • Guided tour of the Cathedral Baptistery and Diocesan Museum;
  • So many faces my face.

Download the proposal and find out which path is suitable for your class.

See the catechetical proposals.

For information or to book the experience, you can email gruppi@kalata.it.



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