Apr 21 2022

Camporelli, Novara’s historic cookie awaits you on the San Gaudentius Dome

The thrill of vertigo is joined by the taste of Novara tradition: the Camporelli company, a new sponsor of the initiative, is honoring all visitors with the historic cookie.

This year, the experience of climbing up and visiting the Dome of the Basilica of San Gaudenzio in Novara – which opened last March 11 – offers visitors a tasty novelty! In fact, the initiative officially counts among the sponsors of the second edition an excellence of the Novara area: the Camporelli Biscuit Factory, which is only a few steps away from the Dome.

The company, a landmark of Piedmont’s confectionery tradition, decided to support the project of enhancing the symbolic monument of its city by presenting each visitor with a package containing two delicious cookies.


The craft workshop in Monte Ariolo alley has been making them since as far back as 1852, and perhaps not everyone knows that they owe their particular shape to the double arch used by Alessandro Antonelli in the construction of the Dome. This is just one of the many curiosities that link the old cookie factory to the monument, key landmarks for all Novara residents.


From today, therefore, not only the inhabitants of the city but also the many tourists from abroad and other Italian regions will be able to discover the goodness of this simple and genuine product along with thethrill of skimming the sky at more than 100 meters above the ground.


When two local excellences come together, something good can only be born!

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