Mar 10 2022

Piedmont: the wonder is open

For summer 2022, Kalatà is launching the project “Piedmont: the wonder is open,” which stems from the idea of gathering within an organic context of offerings a series of unconventional visit proposals to some monuments that well represent the peculiarities of Piedmont’s cultural heritage.

A red thread unites our Visiting proposals activated in Novara, Varallo and Vicoforte: it spans four centuries (between the first half of the sixteenth century and the end of the nineteenth century) and touches on the figures of Gaudenzio Ferrari, Galeazzo Alessi, Ascanio Vitozzi, Francesco Gallo, and Alessandro Antonelli, each at the time–for different reasons–representative of “making culture” in Piedmont.

A cumulative ticket to enjoy the three proposals (valid for the entire 2022 opening season) costs €20.00 and can be purchased by contacting our call center 0174/330976 or by going to our ticket offices.

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